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The Originals Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus, has been a supporter of Positive Women for a number of years, but this holiday season he and wife Persia have a holiday campaign for Clean Water so children all over the world can have clean water to drink. Something many people take for granted.

Joseph and Persia exceeded their original goal of $7,000 and have increased their Clean Water Campaign goal to $20,000 to help fund an Ethiopian water project and another project, both of which will help the over 1,400 children under 5 who die each day from water-related illnesses.

oseph and Persia’s Clean Water Campaign

We want to thank all of you for your support and love! Please continue to donate. We’ve exceeded our original goal, and have moved it up. With this amount we’ll be able to fund two water projects and change an entire community!

Every day, 1,400 kids under the age of 5 die from water-related illnesses. Let’s help change that!

In celebration of the holidays we’re asking our family & friends, including all Original, Girlfriend, and Vampire lovers to invest in our campaign that will fund a water project in Ethiopia. 100% of every dollar we raise will go toward project costs. And when our project is finished (in about 21 months), Charity Water will show us the exact community we helped! You’ll be able to see pictures of the lives you’ve touched.

Two contributors to their campaign are Aiden Flowers and Perry Cox, who play Young Klaus and Young Elijah on The Originals. Add your name to the list and Joseph and Persia may thank you via Twitter, so make sure you include your account when you donate.

Join Joseph and Persia and BE THE CHANGE by donating to their Holiday Clean Water Campaign at!


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Spoilers and teasers for “The Originals” season 2 have been circulating the web like crazy. One of those was the promise of big fight sequence. Enstars reported on Friday that a tweet by actor Joseph Morgan revealed that he had a long and violent night.

A big fight sequence has been teased by the cast of “The Originals” for over a week. Joseph Morgan’s character has no shortage of enemies on the show. While it hasn’t been revealed who is fighting, Morgan and co-star Sebastian Roche both mentioned fight rehearsals on Twitter. Morgan tweeted on Aug. 6,

“Today I rehearsed a fight with a very dangerous being.”
“The Originals” cast includes vampires, werewolves, witches and hybrids, so anyone could be a dangerous character. Enstars speculated that Klaus might be battling his father, Mikael. The two aren’t exactly best friends and Mikael has some plans for his estranged sons, especially Klaus.

Morgan also mentioned in a separate tweet that it was a “long and violent night.” The timing of the tweet suggests that the battle scene could take place in the fifth or sixth episode.

Other spoilers for the show include Hayley having postpartum depression and feeling lost. Claire Holt will be returning as Rebekah, but she won’t be empty-handed. There will also be a new werewolf in town who is to be feared and respected. It has been said that he will do anything to keep his family safe, including having alliances with witches. Speaking of witches, Den of Geek reported that two new witches, Kaleb and Lenore, will appear in season 2. There is a rumor that Lenore might be the ultimate villain in the upcoming season.

Esther has also reappeared, but she and Mikael will not know about each other at first. One episode will focus on their relationship and what caused Esther and Mikael to turn into what they became.


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After a short hiatus, the production of “The Originals” will start filming the fourth episode of their upcoming second season, Enstars reports. Joseph Morgan (Klaus) shares some details of the The CW’s upcoming season.

“We’ve had a little break since we did the [episode] three, so I can’t remember anything that happened,” Joseph Morgan jokingly shared in an interview with Happy Cool.

Morgan was kept busy during the filming break. The actor just got married last month with former “Vampire Diaries” co-star Persia White. He also attended the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con to promote upcoming season, where a teaser for The CW series was revealed.

Morgan was hesitant to give spoilers, but he did shared that the series’ new season will feature changes in the relationships of the characters. “They each have different ideas of how to deal with the loss of Hope…” he shared, referring to Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus. “It’s like three strangers living in the same building,” he added.

The actor also discussed some elements of the storylines and revealed that the part “revenge” will play in the show’s first episodes. “They’re going to explore a lot more of the original parents,” he shared. “There’s gonna be some payment need, some blood payment needed, Morgan continued.

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