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Armistice is being released on DVD in the United States on March 11, 2014. *Releases in more countries soon.

Below is a list of US outlets where you can pre-order Armistice now..

Barnes & Noble
Best Buy
Blow It Out A Here
Books A Million
CD Universe
Critic’s Choice Video
DVD Planet
Fatt Videos
Heartland Music
The Video Collection


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“The Originals” Episode 1.15 – “Le Grand Guignol” (airs 3/4/14, 8-9pm)
A NIGHT AT THE OPERA — In a series of flashbacks to 1919, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) opens up to Cami (Leah Pipes) and reveals details of the devastating secret Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) were trying to keep from him.

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) forms an unlikely alliance with Monique (guest star Yasmine Al Bustami) and asks for her help in locating Sabine (guest star Shannon Kane.)

Elsewhere, Thierry (guest star Callard Harris) is reluctant to get involved when Marcel and Rebekah approach him with a plan to take down the witches. Meanwhile, in the bayou, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is at her wits’ end and holds Sabine hostage in an attempt to get information that will reverse the curse on Phoebe’s werewolf clan.


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The CW has announced early renewals for The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Supernatural and freshman dramas Reign and The Originals.

“This season we’ve had great success with our new hit series The Originals paired with Supernatural, giving us our best Tuesday nights in years,” CW President Mark Pedowitz said in a statement. “The Vampire Diaries is No. 2 in its time period in the young adult demos, and with Arrow continuing to gain among young men, and Reign growing its time period, we now have strong nights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I’m very pleased to announce early pickups for all five series, and let our fans know they’ll have more great drama to look forward to next season.”

Which couples should hook up?

Freshman series The Originals and Reign have fared well this fall, debuting to 2.24 million and 1.98 million, respectively. Meanwhile, Supernatural has seen big year-over-year growth, jumping 88 percent in total viewers to 3.2 million viewers in its ninth season. In its second season, Arrow has become the network’s most-watched series, averaging 3.9 million viewers, while The Vampire Diaries is the highest-rated show for the network in key demos during its fifth season.

The fates of the network’s other dramas The Tomorrow People, The Carrie Diaries, Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast will be decided closer to upfronts.

Are you excited that The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, The Originals, Supernatural and Reign have been renewed?


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You may know Joseph Morgan as Klaus from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, but he’s fighting different demons in his latest role.

Joseph stars in the new film Armistice as a Royal Marine who finds himself trapped in a house occupied by inhuman enemies. We caught up with the London native to hear how he prepped for the movie, his biggest challenge on it and his dream role.

1: What made you want to play A.J. inArmistice?

JM: When the director pitched it to me, it was just the concept of a man alone in the house with himself essentially. The idea of playing this man who is kind of struggling with his demons–both literally and metaphorically. And not having another actor to bounce off–just doing that is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an actor.

2: How did you prepare for a role that required you to be stuck in a house the whole time?

JM: I just came straight off doing a mini series so I was physically–I felt more ready for it. I’ve been through a kind of boot camp. Then I worked a lot with our producer and military adviser who was a royal marine. Luke [the director] and I spent a night or two in the war house improvising scenes and playing with ideas.

3: What was your biggest challenge while working on Armistice?

JM: It was certainly exhausting mentally and physically because there weren’t many breaks. We had one day off a week when we were shooting. There wasn’t anyone else to share the burden with–that was extremely challenging. Because the script changed and developed so much as we shot it, it was certainly a more emotionally challenging role than I anticipated. It was a very lonely role to play.

4: The Originals is a big success! How do you feel about the spin-off?

JM: It feels really good. It was a long time coming. It’s been really rewarding to explore that character to a greater level. To have everyone who is a fan of that show watching the other project I’ve done and getting them excited is very rewarding as well. I feel very lucky that the fan base is willing to come over and show an interest.

5: Every actor has a dream role, what is yours?

JM: There are so many different things. I’m a big reader so I suppose I would be interested in playing a role from a book I love. But I read a lot of genre, so I don’t think I’m looking for another sort of vampire or werewolf part. I’m happy to be still playing [Klaus] on The Originals, but in terms of looking for something else–I suppose anything from a Stephen King novel would be great. Anything that meant I could get to meet Stephen King would be a great role for me I think.

Armistice is now available on VOD and iTunes and will be in theaters on January 31.


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I have added some photo shoot additions of Joseph to the gallery. The Originals updates are coming soon.

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Thanks to Bri, I have added hd captures of Joseph presenting with Lucy Hale at the People’s Choice Awards to our gallery.

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